Mr. S.Senthil Kumar

CEO's Message

Kalvi School stands as the second Home to all our students. The multitude of opportunities we provide helps them to learn critically important lessons which help shape their moral compass. The connection between Students' minds and their hearts is as much a part of our schools as its brick and mortar. The engaging activities given here enrich the curriculum, spanning the classrooms, the playing field and the community. Our classrooms serve as spaces of active learning and the availability of cutting edge digital tools extends conversations beyond the classroom, engaging our learners in a powerful, authentic and global learning.

One overarching goal of our academic program is for students to hone strong critical thinking skills and an appreciation for the value of an intellectual life. We do not believe in rigour and balance as mutually exclusive properties, while our students are encouraged to push themselves to high levels of scholarly performance but never at the expense of their happiness. It is our goal to tap the innate talents of every child in our campus and enable them to bloom into unique showpieces of immense value in our society .


  • Fitness Consultation
  • Professionals
  • Full Cardio
  • Conditioning
  • Sports
  • Consultation
  • Zumba
  • Nutrition
  • Spin
  • TRX
  • Fitness Consultation