Dual Language Immersion

DUAL LANGUAGE IMMMERSION Of the myriad options for parents who want their children to learn a second language the most successful way to become proficient in another language is learning through immersion. In an immersion setting at Kalvi, students are taught core subjects in a target language. The most effective model of immersion is full immersion, in which the target language is weighted heavier in the early years of learning. Our immersion learning curve follows a pattern proven to be successful. Here, 3- and 4-year-olds spend 90 percent of the time learning in the target language, and by the time students reach middle school, 50 percent of the day is spent in the target language. It's harder initially, but the benefits are tremendous.

When children are completely immersed in a language, that is not their mother tongue, additional synaptic connections are being made. Children become smarter. They become more flexible, creative thinkers. They become much more aware of other cultures