English is the medium of instruction. Tamil and Hindi are the other languages the students learn. A comprehensive curriculum is offered with a wide variety of classes in academic, vocational and technical, business and the fine arts discipline

Pre-Primary education is an important stage which lays the foundation for the life-long learning and whole person development. It also serves as the starting point of formal Education, which is child centered.

Core of curriculum frame work is the four development objectives:

  • Physical Development
  • Cognitive Development
  • Affective and Social Development
  • Aesthetic Development

These objectives are achieved through six learning areas:

  • Languages (English, Tamil and Hindi)
  • Math
  • Environmental Science
  • Art
  • Physical Education
  • General Knowledge, Computer Science

The methodology of Implementation follows a systematic and predefined path to enable students

  • Understand conversations and stories to enrich their vocabulary
  • Develop interest in reading
  • Explore the use of different writing equipment
  • Apply simple mathematical concepts such as counting, ordering, sequencing, sorting, comparing etc.
  • Develop curiosity about environment; gain interest in exploring the physical world
  • Enjoy the fun of different creative works


In the primary school the focus is on learning the concepts in core subjects (English, math sciences, art, music and physical education) through activities, projects, and work-sheets.

Primary School Math is taught in a way that is relevant to the children. They are encouraged to apply the concepts taught to real world problems.

Study of self and human surroundings is covered under Environmental Studies.

With importance given to maintaining a well-equipped computer lab and guidance the children in their technological inquisitiveness, the core educational belief is dealt with .

Curriculum mandates each student to spend a certain amount of time playing sports and doing physical activity.

Art, Music, Dance, Yoga and Taekwondo activities also have been designed with the objective of inculcating the art of expression using different forms. Curriculum has been designed in the primary school to nurture imagination which is an innate quality present in all children

General Hindi is taught for the classes LKG to V as an additional language necessity.

Middle - School & High-School

The curriculum has been designed to prepare the children for more rigorous academic requirement for high school.

English curriculum in middle school is expanded and developed for students to understand different varieties of prose, poetry, drama, and non-fiction texts.

Math Curriculum has been developed to train the students in problem solving, logical reasoning and analytical skills. Teaching enables that student to make connections to outside world and other subjects.

Science curriculum (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) has a range of scientific topics introduced to the students. It's a critical phase of transformation to train the students for rigorous academic work. The course has been designed with ample opportunity for practical investigations to understand the concepts. These concepts are linked to everyday life for students to understand the relevance.

Social studies is taught in order to make children understand their immediate environment, the neighbourhood, the distant lands and their people. A clear understanding of the political/social structure of the government and the democratic processes is given through role-play, mock sessions and visits to relevant places.

Role of Computer Science in this age of advanced communications and technology cannot be undermined. It is inter-woven into all subjects since each subject relies heavily on making itself more understandable through use of technology. In addition to that there are clearly defined learning outcomes for Computers and their applications.

Art, Music, Drama, Craft, Yoga and Taekwondo have definite curriculum. Along with learning skills, middle school students are given projects to work individually or in groups.

Besides an in-depth study of the Hindi Language is encouraged at this level.