Principal's Desk

Dear Parents & Students,

I am really proud to meet you through this address.

It is a wonderful opportunity to meet you all through this message. Our school has been inculcating good discipline in the minds of all students. Education means changing behaviour to good one. Really I try my level best to change the raw behaviour into refined behaviour of our students. Discipline is our first education.

Our second discipline is Education. We mould our students to fit for the society. We are not only create good students but also good citizens. They mould the world in future.

Along with our academic response Physical Education also strengthen the students' physique and Yoga gives them strong mental health. Both are essential to each & every student to attain their goal. A sound mind in sound body. For all round development we have number of extra-curricular activities viz., Yoga, Teakwondo, Silambam, Chess, Bharatham, Skatting and Music. These art facilitates the students to identify their hidden talents in them.

Our teams of teachers are really dedicated sincere and loyal in their service. Their part of life is spared for the upliftment of our students.

I hope this year brings peace and prosperous to our students.



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