Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional photographer, joining a photography club is one of the best ways to improve your skills. The aim is to provide different opportunities for our KALVIANS to wide open the doors for improvement and on the other hand, a competitive photography club is one where the students want to regularly participate and get rewards for their efforts. The list of activities carried out by the Photography club includes regular (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly) meetings, exhibits, workshops and seminars, competitions, club outings and field trips.

The main purpose of organizing a photography club to students here is to highlight the significance of worthy use of leisure time by students outside their school life.

The photography club at Kalvi school is open to all students who have an interest or think they might have an interest in photography,

The club advisers have a broad knowledge of photography to supervise club work and give suggestions, to these amateur photographers. Photographic expeditions and picture contests are conducted periodically to create interest in picture taking. On photographic expeditions students are assigned specific pictures that should be taken and limit the number of shots each individual is allowed, to ensure careful planning when taking the pictures.

After the first year of club work the club has two groups namely an advanced and amateur group.

The hobby in photography is doing all the work yourself i.e., taking the picture, developing the film, printing the picture, and mounting it for exhibition. Often color work consists merely in snapping the picture and then having some commercial photographer complete the process. We encourage our students to capture everything they feel is worth remembering to educate themselves and others around.

Types of pictures determined by subject matter, such as Pictures of people, Informal pictures of friends. Portrait pictures, and Pictures of events and activities, like Plays, Sporting events, Fairs, rodeos, Unusual events such as accidents, tragedies, and celebrations, Pictures of buildings, Pictures of machinery, Pictures of landscaping and scenery, Pictures of animals, are made familiar to these club members through displays of photographs and workshops on photography that kindle their interest in photography.

The club helps the students strike a meaningful balance between life's experiences and recollecting the memory of these experiences through the art named Photography.