As we continue to face evolving educational changes such as distance learning or e-learning, the current trend is now evolving into the blended classroom as the hybrid classroom becomes more prevalent. To us , the term “continuous learning” means keeping students and educators engaged in providing quality learning materials using a variety of modalities, including printed learning materials, online resources, e-books, and online assessments. Kalvi collaborates with a 100 year old award-winning book Wizard, World Book to bring in the liveliness of learning.Kalvi, along with World Book focus on developing a collaborative digital learning platform that is backed by editorial excellence, invaluable resources and effective tools that support personalized teaching and learning.

World Book provides age appropriate resources under the titles
  • Digital resources
  • Learning to read
  • Social & Emotional learning
  • Collaborative learning
  • High interest
  • STEM
  • Social studies and Geography
  • Core references

Here are some astonishing topics
  • The World Book Encyclopedia
  • Out of this World - Solar surfing
  • Survival stories
  • Leadership at school
  • Ultimate super cars
  • Our Solar system
  • Robots Thinking and Learning
  • Taste the World
  • How I change the World
  • Adobe shelters to steel Skyscrapers
  • Treasures of the Oceans