Reading is quintessential for every child in order to become successful in life. It is the other way of meditating; To possess strong self-discipline, a longer attention span, and better memory retention we encourage our students to read no matter what! Every school has its own library and yes; there’s nothing special about it but what matters in KALVI group of Schools is the rendition of ideas and concepts, all in one, “WORLD BOOK” which perfectly matches for the students of all age group categorized as 3 to 7, 7 to 11, 11 to 14, 14 to 18, 18 above. KALVI holds the privilege of being the “pioneer partner” with “WORLD BOOK”, which is a 100-year-old company and World’s No.1 publisher located in Chicago. Be it an arts, science, Math or technology what not? WORLD BOOK has its own encyclopedia where our library is embellished with loads and loads of information in hard copy as well as in Digital mode. Reading will be inculcated only if the child finds it quite interesting and with no doubt, we serve the community in the best way!