In hockey, tactics could be the difference between winning and losing! Our students learning Hockey are enabled to develop their hockey skills, knowing how to implement tactics for both self and their team becomes even more important, because the margins between victory and defeat are significantly reduced

Advanced tactical knowledge can turn the best hockey players into exceptional ones. At the highest level, hockey can become more and more like a game of chess - where the team with the best plan comes out on top.We encourage our players to become iconic players through the organised and passionate player discipline they follow in the sessions.

Every hockey player will at some point hear about "reading the game". This is a player's ability to analyse the game as it unfolds in front of them, and subsequently anticipate and react to it. The best players however, are those who can both 'read the game' and then use tactical understanding to capitalise on this.

What is the value of being able to anticipate your opponent's next move if you do not have the tactical knowledge to know how to best respond to it? Therefore, both reading the game and acquiring a strong tactical aptitude will certainly leave you one step ahead! And our hockey coaches ensure this key aspect of the game is taught well to each player.

In hockey, the opportunity to utilise a tactical understanding and get ahead of your opponent is available at every turn; whether this be within your pre-match preparation or as a response to any number of game variables. And here we go by making each player make the best of every situation during the game.