Our Belief

An education at Kalvi, values Commitment, Conviction, Balance and Confidence. We believe that an excellent Education is characterized by what values, Resources, and Passion young learners can take along with them to become valuable, caring and sensitive citizens of our country. We undertake this task of molding them to resonate with positive impact as they step out of the portals of our School.

An Education here, is based upon Creativity, Challenge, Constructive Criticism and Contemplation.

Creativity which is otherwise termed as education of the imagination, provides the ability to make connections and experience the world with a kaleidoscopic view.

Challenge, which symbolizes, Education of the Will, develops mental and physical courage and this displays the ability to overcome one's fears and limitations.

The element of contemplations the Education of the Spirit that develops the capacity for wonder in a learner. This further brings out a sense of belonging to the big picture, with each one having a significant role to play.

From a perspective, our Early Learning, Primary, Middle and High school programs provide a level of individual challenge and Academic rigor that is different from the yester years' educational methods.

Fostering a sense of belonging laced with the culture of kindness is what flows through our educational process here and to achieve this we hire ,train and retain the right mix of people who are extremely talented in what they do, and committed to developing a positively vibrant school climate that helps everyone make the most of their School life.